VIP Protection

The unique lifestyle of affluent individuals, celebrities, senior political figures, and other VIPs places them at a higher level of information security risk than most people. As high-value targets for cyber criminals, a customized approach to VIP cybersecurity is essential.

‘VIP’ is used as a catch-all term to describe individuals or families with assets in excess of $10M USD.

Worryingly, many VIPs have weak or even nonexistent cybersecurity programs. KLS Cyber works with Family Offices, security officers, support staff, or even VIPs themselves to develop comprehensive, specially-tailored cybersecurity programs.

With a thorough understanding of each client’s risk profile, threat environment, and security vulnerabilities, we can provide cost-effective security controls that will dramatically reduce the VIP’s risk exposure. Our approach relies less on expensive software solutions and more on well-formed policies, procedures, training, and awareness.

If you’d like to know more about how KLS Cyber can protect VIP data, information systems, privacy, and reputation, please contact us at any time.

Why KLS Cyber?

There are countless cybersecurity consulting firms out there, but only KLS Cyber dedicates a majority of its resources to serving this niche client demographic. When it comes to cybersecurity for VIPs, we wrote the book on it… literally.

KLS Cyber recently released VIP Cyber Protection, a groundbreaking Information Security primer that covers:


  • Cybersecurity threats unique to VIP lifestyles
  • Novel approaches to cyber risk mitigation
  • Transportation and travel-related threat analysis
  • Secure procurement and hardware disposition
  • Emerging threats, such as Deep Fakes and AI
  • How Family Offices can (and should!) support cybersecurity

And much, much more.

What We Offer

Security Plan Development

No battle was ever won without a plan; a comprehensive security plan is critical to a robust cyber defense. If you’re having trouble developing a security plan suited to an extraordinary lifestyle, we can help.

Risk Assessments

Many VIPs unknowingly accept serious risks to their information security, privacy, or reputation. The first step to mitigating these risks is to understand them. Contact us for help conducting a full Risk Assessment.

Training & Education

VIP family, friends, or employees could be targeted by hackers. The best defense is awareness and education. We provide Infosec training in clear, comprehensible language, customized for each audience.

Advisory Services

We provide open-ended advisory services. From policy reviews, to guidance on best practices, to security product recommendations, we can provide honest, expert advice to any inquiries you may have.